Working Towards Sustainable Development
solar system for business
Nirvana provides Ecologically Economic Solutions for:
• Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Solutions
• Solar Power Systems.
• Rain Water Harvesting and Water Conservations.
• Eco-tourism.
• Solar photo voltaic Technology Training & Workshop.

Climate Change is one of the biggest development challenges of our times. The effects of a changing climate further complicate the world’s efforts to adequately address food security, water insecurity and energy needs. Recent data suggests that the mean global land temperature has risen almost one degree Celsius since pre-industrial times, with massive loss of arctic ice, extreme heat waves with record high temperatures, and decreased and changing rainfall patterns. This is being called the “make-or-break” decade; actions taken now could make the difference to how warm our planet will become. Action and collaboration of all stakeholders is required; without such action, it is unlikely that the global community will achieve the emissions reductions needed to mitigate the current climate scenario, and the costs of adapting to the changing climate will have to be borne by future generations.

Global warming, respect for the environment, Smarter growth, lower utility bills, diminishing oil supplies, pick your motive. There are lots of reasons that the national mindset is shifting toward renewable resources. The usage of various conventional fossil fuels to meet the crisis has become an element of pollution and an anti element for the eco friendly environment. With the enormous potential and highly trained manpower we as a country strive to develop solar PV technology at the faster pace. We as a environmental organisation focussed on promoting renewable energy make every effort to popularise solar PV technology and reach out to masses through solar PV training, consulting, research and best practices to mitigate climate change scenario.