This training program mainly focuses on the use of MNRE approved solar software i.e, PVsyst and Solar Pro for design of On-Grid Solar PV Systems

Laplace System released Solar Pro & Simulation Software in the year 1997. Solar Pro won the “2003 Kyoto Small and Medium – Sized Business Excellence Award“.

Solar Pro is used to create 3D models of residential, commercial flat -roof, ground mounted and single & dual axis tracking PV systems. The shading effects of each object created in Solar Pro, including trees, buildings and adjacent PV arrays , can be easily visualized on minute by minute basis , 365 days of the year. Solar Pro calculates hourly electricity generation using scientific industry standard mathematical models. IV curve calculations are performed at the module level and take into account irradiation & temperature data, shading and other detailed loss factors.

PVsyst is the most widely used solar simulation software for the energy yield estimation and For optimal design of solar power plants. PVsyst makes use of the extended knowledge of PV Technology, Meteorological irradiation resources data and PV system components. Thus PVsyst will help in understanding the PV system components and thus help in optimizing The system design.



  • Characterize the components of a PV system and their modelling implementation in PVsyst.
  • Different steps involved in designing of On-Grid Solar PV systems in PVsyst Simulation process
  • Analyze system layout and shading issues.
  • Construction and use of 3D shadings scenes
  • Simulation of loss factors
  • Meteorological data in PVsyst
  • Design of a complete project using PVsyst

Solar Pro

  • Introduction about Solar PRO and Meteorological Data.
  • How to design power plant and Roof Selection.
  • Selection of Modules, Tilt Angle, Azimuth Angle.
  • IV- Curve Calculation, Power Calculation.
  • Shading Calculation, Shading Simulation, Shadow Mapping.
  • Electrical Wiring, Power Calculation.
  • Cost Setting, Load Setting.
  • PV Module Database, Inverter Database.


  • Revising the theoretical concepts behind design of On-Grid Solar PV systems
  • Understanding different tools and features of the simulation software PVSYST and Solar Pro
  • Understanding Shading analysis using PVSYST& Solar Pro
  • Understand how different losses effect the performance of Solar Power plant
  • Design of the Solar PV systems using PVSYST & Solar Pro which results in maximum energy harvest
  • Better job opportunities in the Solar Industry
  • Usage of PVSYST and Solar Pro reports in Techno Commercial Proposals