How Can I Get a Loan for My Solar power System?

Your system purchase cost can be paid off in equated monthly installments EMIs through the savings on your electricity bills. You can discuss this option with your bank and vendor As mandated by the Reserve Bank of India, you can now get a bank loan of up to Rs. 20 Lakhs on low interest for installing a rooftop solar system. This is because the renewable energy sector in India now falls under priority sector lending status.

System vendors also at times tie up with banks or private financing institutions to provide loans on purchasing rooftop solar systems. Click here to apply for solar financing options.

We tied up with US based Crowd Funding organization where we can Liaison with them to secure equity funding for solar Power projects in India. Funding from 1 cr to 100 cr .Please contact Nirvana Foundation with DPR and Cash Flow Statement. If You land and project in hand wants Solar Finance submit your details by Click here.

What is BOOT Model for Solar Power Plant

We build rooftop solar power plants on building rooftops on Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) basis/

We build rooftop solar power plants on building rooftops and car parks on Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) basis. Electricity from these plants is sold to the rooftop owner at a price which is competitive to the grid electricity price and a well suitable model for cutting down the DG back up. The plant is transferred to the rooftop owner at negligible cost at the end of a pre-agreed term.

The benefits to consumer include:

Savings in energy cost
Long term certainty on energy costs
No investment by the consumer
No involvement by the consumer. We manage all the permits, construction, operation and maintenance.

PR equity that comes with environmental leadership. Corporate Social Responsibility initiative at no additional cost. Salient features of the rooftop solar projects are:

A 100 kWp project will typically require 1000 to 1200 m2 of clear area with system installation facing geographical south for maximum generation.

The rooftop should be able to withstand loads of 10 kg / m2 for proper installation. Necessary reinforcement / alternate solutions can be suggested by our design team to take care of this aspect. Intelligent inverters will be used for synchronous operation with the grid voltage and frequency. Both on-site and off-site monitoring and data logging equipment, with remote sensing capability, will be installed to ensure optimum operation and uptime.

If you have any suitable site we can give our proposal under boot system , please contact us as soon as possible

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