Solar LED Street Light System comes with Li-ion battery which can be fitted just below the solar panel and has a long life charged within 5 hours during day light. Battery can be upgraded to 36 hrs or more depending on the requirement. Our lights are widely appreciated for their smooth operation, excellent illumination and easy maintenance.

Due to its compact size, this light can be easily mounted on pole top by anyone. The light has auto on/off operation and needs negligible maintenance once installed.

  • Latest Li-ion Battery Technology
  • 5 years battery life
  • Modular plug & play design
  • 30 minute installation
  • Theft proof
  • Maintenance Free
  • Auto On / Off
Technical Specifications
Prodcut CodeModelWith Dimming(5 Hrs full Bright, 7 hrs eco-mode)Recommended PV Panel
NISOL-1010watt14.8v/8.8Ah Battery60Wp
NISOL-1515watt14.8v/13.2Ah Battery80Wp
NISOL-2020watt14.8v/15.4Ah Battery120Wp
NISOL-3030watt29.6v/11Ah Battery180Wp
NISOL-4040watt29.6v/13.2Ah Battery240Wp
NISOL-6060watt29.6v/19.8Ah Battery360Wp
Prodcut CodeModelWithout Dimming (12 Hrs Full Bright)Recommended PV Panel
NISOL-1010watt14.8v/11Ah Battery60Wp
NISOL-1515watt14.8v/15.4Ah Battery80Wp
NISOL-2020watt14.8v/20Ah Battery120Wp
NISOL-3030watt29.6v/15.4Ah Battery180Wp
NISOL-4040watt29.6v/17.6Ah Battery240Wp
NISOL-6060watt29.6v/28.6Ah Battery360Wp