The most efficient solar panels in the world are in the range of 35 to 52% efficiency. However these are beyond the budget of common Buyers as ROI may not be justifiable owing to Initial high Investment .

Nirvana Works on most efficient solar cells based on triple junction Gallium Arsenide and Germanium Materials . Triple junction solar cell on Germanium substrate

GaInP (1.88 eV) / GaInAs (1.41 eV) / Ge (0.67 eV).These are all called Third Generation CPV Technology.

To achieve the best return on your investment you should opt for a solar panel that offers a balance between cost and efficiency. Currently most of the Indian Manufacturers offering efficiencies of 15 – 16 % .

Now in India PERC Cells with efficiency reaching 18.8 % – 20 % is available in the market. What is PERC Cells ?

Passivated Emitter Rear Contact cells have both efficiency increase and cost reduction achieved by some modification in the cell basic architecture . PERC solar cells are designed with an additional layer at the bottom of the solar cell. This extra layer is called the dielectric passivation layer. Click here to contact us.

There are three main reasons why the dielectric passivation layer contributes to the increase of efficiency.